White Spot - Design Brief

Objective : To create a better version of the existing Whitespot.ca website that is more user friendly and drives more foot traffic and customer bookings.

My Role

UI Designer, UX Researcher


  • Wireframing
  • UX Research
  • Market Research
  • UX Design
  • Tools


    Design Process

    White Spot.ca's existing website was very clunky, outdated and not responsive. Market research was done to figure out the types of designs that other competitors in this industry are using.

    Brief History of White Spot

    White Spot is a BC based chain of family friendly restaurants known for their use of fresh, local ingredients and sustainable food sourcing practices. It was established in 1928 and has 64 locations in British Columbia and Alberta. Some of its claim to fame items include the Lgendary Burgers, famous milkshakes and the ever elusive Triple O's secret sauce.

    Baseline Statistics

    During 2018-2019, Whitespot.ca has a 30.8% decrease in users, a 13% increase in bounce rate and a 29.5% decrease in average session duration. This leaves a lot of room for improvement in terms of designing a better experience for users that will draw them in and help influence their purchase decisions. Whitespot.ca does not have updated responsive code but has two separate sites for users.

    White Spot Site Grader
    White Spot.ca's overall performance as of October 2019, as benchmarked with other sites.

    Concept Map

    This was a prewriting task to generate and organize ideas for Whitespot.ca and served as a starting point for ideation.

    White Spot Concept Map

    Target Audience

    The ideal customer for White Spot.ca is 'The Working Mom'. The Working Mom’ has disposable income, not enough time to cook all meals every day, but a desire to keep her family happy and healthy. She is the main decision-maker in her household when it comes to food and nutrition and holds a lot of buying power.

    Working Mom
    User Persona: 'The Working Mom'

    CX Journey

    White Spot CX Journey

    Information Architecture

    I chose to redesign Whitespot.ca in a way which was easily accessible for users to either easily order takeout or look at the menu before going to the restaurant.

    White Spot Sitemap

    Facets to Browse By

    I chose the following facets to browse by:

    • Meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, hapy hour, desserts, kids menu
    • Food category: appetizer, salads, mains, burgers, desserts, drinks
    • Location
    • Dietary Restrictions
    • Protein-fish, meat, poultry, plant based

    User Tasks

    1. Browse menus to look at food options
    2. Look up locations of restaurants
    3. Look at photos of food and other customer reviews
    4. Order food for takeout via the website
    5. Leave a review of experience / fill out a survey of experience


    After looking at the user research and data, these were the wireframes I came up with for a redesign of Whitespot.ca

    White Spot Wireframes
    Proposed White Spot Website Redesign