Grace Lau

Grace Lau

is a UX designer and developer
based in Vancouver BC, who loves crafting clean experiences for the web.

Previous endeavours include:

cofounded a model and talent agency, fashion photography, wedding videography and #startuplife.

My Why

My first foray into the tech world came in the form of a Startup Weekend Hackathon . It was the most exhilirating 48 hours of my life and after that weekend I was hooked. I went to many tech meetups, learned and absorbed as much as I could with a dream of one day creating my own product. After working in marketing, I developed a love for good user experience design and usabilty of web products. I began noticing some design functionalities that I believed could be improved and also sketching out my ideas on paper. That was the start of my love of user experience design. I am currently seeking a role that allow me to combine my love of marketing, design and product.


BCIT Technical Web Designer Certificate

Sauder School of Business, Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing